¡Ya Basta! Let’s End the Cuban Embargo

After more than five decades of failed diplomacy, President Obama’s administration announced the U.S. government would take steps to normalize relations with Cuba.


Although great strides have occurred between the nations — like a prisoner swap that led to the release of the remaining three members of the Cuban 5 from U.S. prison — several steps must occur to fully establish a diplomatic relationship with Cuba’s government that the Cuba Action Team will be working on. That includes:

 >Opening a U.S. Embassy in Cuba and a Cuban Embassy in the U.S.

    >Taking Cuba off the state-sponsored terror list

    >Ending the economic embargo against Cuba

    >Lifting the US travel ban to Cuba

    >Returning Guantanamo to the Cubans

    >Allowing the importation of life-saving medications from Cuba to the U.S.

 Join CODEPINK to hold the Obama administration and Congress accountable to open relations with Cuba!

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Apr 23
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