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Call to Disarm: Stop the US Arms Trade

Join the Call to Disarm!

Billions of dollars in weapons are sold from the U.S. every year to dozens of countries all over the world. Any economy that relies on the manufacturing of destruction is doomed to fail the people and the earth we inhabit. 

Write to your members of Congress!

So many members of Congress take campaign contributions from weapons companies. This makes them less beholden to us, their constituents, and more accountable to the companies that make a killing on killing. Tell your members of Congress to take the pledge to not accept any money from the top five weapons manufacturers! 

Act Now!

Join the campaign! 

The Call to Disarm campaign is a sister campaign of our call to Cut the Pentagon, because if we cut the Pentagon budget, weapons sales are still there. To stop militarism in its tracks, we need to disarm the world and tear down the war economy.

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Learn How Arms Sales Work! 

As it stands, the American people have no say in weapons that get sold in their name. If we did, it would be a whole lot easier to stop sales when we hear about them. You can find a few easy to understand resources here about current corruption & policy!

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