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4th Annual Shut Down Creech

(Come for all or part of the week)
UPDATE: Great News….Special Guests coming to Creech:  
Ray McGovern and Ann Wright
Won’t you also join Ray & Ann to stand against the illegal and barbaric U.S. drone program?   
Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst for 27 years, turned political activist years ago, will have much to tell us about the CIA’s use of Creech AFB to carry out it’s racist policies via the covert killer drone program.  The U.S. Empire shows little regard to the human rights of those living under the watchful eye of the remotely controlled and weaponized reaper drones.  Ray, as a former CIA insider, will give us a fresh insight into today's CIA and the relevancy of Creech AFB to help carry out it’s murderous and racist policies under American exceptionalism.
Col. Ann Wright, global activist for peace and defender of social justice, will report on her participation and experiences with the recent GAZA Freedom Flotilla, and it’s many successes in standing up for Palestinian human rights.  She’ll probably have many other recent experiences to share from her ongoing global journey supporting peace and justice movements around the planet.
We welcome Ray and Ann to the 4th Annual SHUT DOWN CREECH.
Won’t you also join us in standing up against the illegal and barbaric U.S. drone program? 
Join our nonviolent direct action, or come as a supporter.
PLEASE REGISTER online, and book your flights soon while tickets are still affordable….or arrange a car share.
If you can't make it but would like to donate, please click here!
Sponsorship for 4th Annual Shut Down Creech:  We are inviting every peace & justice organization and chapters across the country to send at least one representative to SHUT DOWN CREECH.  Let’s make 2018 Shut Down Creech larger than ever. Dear Veterans for Peace chapters and other peace organizations:  Won’t you please consider sponsoring one member this year to participate in 4th Annual SHUT DOWN CREECH, Sept. 30-October 6?
FMI:  Please contact:
Toby Blomé:  [email protected]
Eleanor Levine:  [email protected]

Can we count you in?




Creech Air Force Base
Indian Springs, NV 89018, United States,

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