Yemen Hunger Strike Day of Action in NYC

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Join CODEPINK Thursday, April 13 for an action in NYC and/or participate in the hunger strike in solidarity for the people of Yemen.

Join CODEPINK on April 13 at the UN Headquarters to support the one week solidarity hunger strike organized by Creative Voices for NonViolence, New York Catholic Worker community, the Upstate Coalition to End the Wars and Ground the Drones, Friends of Franz and Ben, and CODEPINK. The hunger strike is April 10-16 and CODEPINK is putting out the call for its members to show up in numbers on the 13th (and as many other days as possible) to the Isaiah wall between the hours of 10am-2pm.

As we fast from all solid foods, we urge others to join us in calling for a humane response to the famine facing Yemeni civilians whose country has been ravaged by civil war and regularly targeted by Saudi and U.S. airstrikes. Let us know why you are fasting (find text box below).

If you can’t make it to the streets in NYC, LA, or DC, you can post your message of support for Yemenis using the hashtags #RememberYemen #YemenIsStarving (don't forget to tag us!), or plan an action in your local community. Let us know if you want to organize any actions locally on April 9th to16th so we can support you. If you are fasting- please consider donating your lunch money to feed starving people in Yemen

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When and Where
April 13, 2017 at 10am - 2pm
Isaiah Wall
First Avenue and 42nd St
Nyc, NY 10017
United States
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  • Daniel Griffith
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-04-08 07:12:52 -0400
    Humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Raise awareness. Join @CODEPINK solidarity fast. #YemenIsStarving #SaudiWarCrimes
  • Daniel Griffith
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  • Annemarie Iacobuzio
    commented 2017-04-07 16:11:10 -0400
    April 13th is the day we remember the Last Supper – where Jesus said “A new commandment I give unto you: That you love one another, as I have loved you, that you also love one another.”, John 13:34.

    What better way to remember to remember this day that protesting against the starvation of an Yemen!
  • Annemarie Iacobuzio
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  • Amy Harlib
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    Humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Raise awareness. Join @CODEPINK solidarity fast. #YemenIsStarving #SaudiWarCrimes
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  • Toby Blomé
    commented 2017-04-06 00:04:27 -0400
    My heart is crying for Yemen, for Iraq, for Syria, for Afghanistan, for Somalia, for Libya…..for the people of Korea, north and south, and the people of Russia…..who is next to suffer under the iron heel of US militarism? Next week I will be on the annual Sacred Peace Walk organized by…..walking in peaceful mediation along the desert Hwy north of Las Vegas…praying in active hope for an end to all of this senseless violence. I will at least be fasting on Thursday, the 13th…..thinking about you all in Yemen, in NY, in DC and in LA…..hoping and praying for this brutal insanity to cease.
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    @CODEPINK solidarity fast. #YemenIsStarving #SaudiWarCrimes$ 4/10-15
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  • Mark McDonald
    commented 2017-04-02 14:05:26 -0400
    I am fasting from April 10th through April 15th (6 days) to show my support for the efforts to stop the American wars in Yemen and other countries in the middle east. America should never have started fighting wars in the middle east. The attacks of 9/11 were a false flag, perpetrated by the CIA, used to con the American people that we were being attacked by people in the middle east (Al CIAda). The truth is, our government is still being controlled by the same criminal organization that oversaw the killing of JFK.
  • Ken Freeland
    commented 2017-04-02 11:12:52 -0400
    Yemen is just the latest in a long string of immoral and illegal military interventions by our government. Fasting is a time-honored peace movement tradition of expressing our repentance as a nation and our solidarity with the victims of these reprehensible actions, which it is our duty to protest and oppose. Kudos to all thosewho are coming to NY. I have other travel plans, but will be fasting in solidarity.
  • Ken Freeland
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  • Rebecca Fusco
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    Humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Raise awareness. Join @CODEPINK solidarity fast. #YemenIsStarving #SaudiWarCrimes
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