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War is Not Green: Call for a Global Peace Moratorium for People and Planet


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CALL FOR A GLOBAL CEASEFIRE AND A MORATORIUM on any new weapons production—not one more bullet-- including and especially nuclear weapons, let them rust in peace!

FREEZE all weapons manufacturing and fossil, nuclear, and biomass fuels manufacturing-- the way nations geared up for WWII stopping most domestic manufacturing to make weapons-- and use those resources to save the planet from catastrophic climate destruction;

ESTABLISH a global three-year crash program of windmills, solar panels, hydro turbines, geothermal, efficiency, green hydrogen energy, mass transit creating hundreds of millions of jobs around the world, and cover the world in solar panels, windmills, water turbines, geothermal generating plants;

START A GLOBAL PROGRAM of sustainable farming--plant tens of millions of more trees, put rooftop gardens on every building and city vegetable patches on every street;

ALL WORK TOGETHER ACROSS THE GLOBE to save Mother Earth from nuclear destruction and catastrophic climate collapse!


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