While we were in Sonoma


Last Saturday we gathered under bright blue Sonoma skies for a Peace Camp. But as we celebrated our peace-loving community, disaster was pummeling the Houston, TX  area. Dozens have lost their lives, and Hurricane Harvey is estimated to be one of the U.S.’s most costly storms — even before calculating the irreversible environmental damage caused when the storm hit oil refineries.

Our oil-based economy and out-of-control militarism are both major contributors to the climate chaos we are now experiencing. And the massive funds we spend on the Pentagon rob us of the resources we need to move beyond an oil economy, and the resources we need to support the victims of global warming as we transition to a clean, green, peace economy.  Take the pledge to become part of our upcoming Divest from the War Machine campaign.

Since most of you were unable to join us at the Peace Camp last weekend, here are some highlights from our time in Sonoma Valley:

  • Peace Camp was all about Just Transition — divesting from the war economy and growing local peace economies. It was about building relationships, connections, collaborations that will help us move towards a world based on regeneration and interconnection, away from the disconnectedness and waste that creates global warming, war and other kinds of violence. The Local Peace Economy initiative seeks to shift culture; it’s a revolution of values, a revolution of practices. Join us.
  • Camp taught us how to be accomplices, not allies, and build sanctuary cities. Upon returning from camp, we received the good news that a federal judge has blocked the implementation of SB4 in Texas. SB4 would ban sanctuary cities and transform local police departments into deportation machines. Thanks to a relentless and soulful campaign by organizers and immigrant accomplices, the draconian bill is being staved off for now.
  • In October we will be launching a new campaign to divest from the war machine. We will be going after the top five U.S. weapons companies for their role in furthering wars and supporting repressive regimes. Sign the pledge to join the Divest from the War Machine Campaign. And join us in Washington DC or via Livestream on October 21-22 as we launch the new campaign.
  • Our campaigns for Palestinian human rights continues, with another freedom boat to Gaza in the works, stepped-up efforts to stop Airbnb from renting out homes in illegal Israeli settlements, and pressuring Congress to support Palestinian rights. Share our video about the crisis of electricity in Gaza on Facebook and Twitter and stay tuned for more ways you can increase your activism for Palestinian human rights!

As we send love to the people of Houston, Texas, and support for a just transition after this climate change disaster, we increase our commitment to create a fossil-free, war-free, just and peaceful world.  

Towards peace, 
Ann, Ariel, Brienne, Haley, Jodie, Katie, Mariana, Mark, Mary, Medea, Nancy, Paki, Paula, Taylor and Tighe

P.S. There are a few days left to register for CODEPINK’s October trip to Cuba. Sign up now!

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