Where is CODEPINK LA in July?


Thanks to all of you and the West Hollywood organizing of local Claudine Mulard, we did it! Monday the U.S. Conference of Mayors unanimously passed our resolution opposing Trump’s $54 billion increase in military spending!

Our last LA gathering was deeply informative thanks to Nancy Mancias’ report back from Iraq-Kurdistan. We learned about a part of the world that hardly any media is talking about and have asked Nancy to make it available to more. She will be doing an online report back soon!

Our next gathering is July 11th at 6pm for an Israel/Palestine report back from CODEPINK staff member, Paula Kahn. Claudine will also be sharing how she passed a #No54BillionForWar resolution in West Hollywood! RSVP here.

Join CODEPINK members on Saturday, July 15th  

Please join the CODEPINK LA Facebook Group, where all members can mobilize/coordinate for upcoming events! It's a great tool for us to organize together! Add your friends too!

We look forward to building a local peace economy with you!
Claudine, Jodie, Mariana, Mary, Paula, Susan and Taylor

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