What economy do you value?


Dear Activist,

Our globalized, corporatized economy is similar to our wars: It is destructive to the planet and consumes the life of people for the sake of greed and power.

But there is another economy sprouting from below, a local peace economy where we are reciprocal and relational; where we give, share, care and thrive.

On this International Day of Peace, we at CODEPINK are ready to add a new phase to our work: strengthening the local peace economy. The peace economy exists but it’s largely unseen and undervalued. Let's discover it. Celebrate it. Share our stories about what we’re doing to invest locally (and divest from war), grow our own food (or buy directly from farmers), get our energy off the grid, waste less, share and gift more.

The mission statement of CODEPINK is to end wars and bring the money home to fund life-affirming programs for our communities. Let's start NOW!

We invite you to pledge that you will engage in growing your local peace economy. You will receive daily, short messages of inspiration and information. How can you help strengthen relationships on your block, at your local coffee shop, bookstore, soup kitchen? Key elements of a peace economy don't exist in your neighborhood? Find out what it would take to start them.

We have tools to help you.

  • Collaborate with friends and neighbors
  • Join the story team with your design or photography skills, blogging, writing, filmmaking and editing talents
  • Not sure how to begin? Tell us what excites you and what keeps you from taking action. We want to help you unleash your own creativity and passion!

Sign up today. We will connect you to others. Inspire you. And make you smile. Let’s model a different way of relating to each other that nourishes ourselves, our communities and eventually the world.

CODEPINK entrepreneur, author and visionary Judy Wicks says, "The foundation for world peace is building an economy where every community is self-reliant in basic needs such as food, water and energy."

Let’s engage locally so we can build peace globally,
Alli, Chelsea, Janet, Janna, Jodie, Lisa, Medea, Michaela, Michelle, Nancy and Tighe

PS. Join us for a Meat Free Month on October 2nd, National Farm Animal Day, as we partner with our allies at Planted Cuisine : receive FREE delicious vegan recipes, and inspirational peace prompts from CODEPINK. Sign up here!

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