What a dip(plomacy)!

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

Linda Milazzo, author, journalist and friend to CODEPINK based in Los Angeles, posted this great piece on AlterNet this weekend about Jodie, Medea and Col. Ann Wright's diplomacy visit to Iran this week, facilitated and arranged by interfaith group Fellowship for Reconcilliation. Iranian President Ahmadinejad assured them during a meeting with him last month in New York City that they'd receive visas and be able to meet with Iranian women's groups, politicians and NGOs, without preconditions (as CODEPINK has encouraged Obama to do) to develop peace ties and initiate a sort of grassroots diplomacy. It's on the homepage right now.

The women hope the trip raises some questions to Americans and to Obama: should America meet with Iran without preconditions? Is that the only way for a nation to trust that the desire for true diplomacy and/or compromise is sincere? What would a world where diplomacy comes first, no matter what, look like? Tell us what you think.

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