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The need for transparency is more important than ever, as we come closer to having an administration which is seen as volatile, untrustworthy and racist as President-elect Trump’s. Today, we’ll kick off the People’s Tribunal on the Iraq War with a day full of testimony on the lies that misled us into an unjust and immoral war.

Join us via livestream and social media to expose #TheLies that lead us into Iraq!

Today’s testifiers will include:

  • Congresswoman Barbara Lee, the only member of Congress to vote against the authorization for use of military force that gave President George W. Bush a blank check to invade Iraq;

  • John Kiriakou, CIA whistleblower who served 30 months in prison for revealing evidence of U.S. torture practices to journalists;

  • Ray McGovern, veteran CIA officer who returned the medal commemorating his service in 2006 to protest U.S. involvement in torture and Ret. Col. Ann Wright, a former Army officer and diplomat who resigned her post over the invasion of Iraq;

  • Inder Comar, plaintiff’s attorney in Saleh v. Bush,  the ongoing class action suit against six members of the George W. Bush administration alleging that the Iraq War constituted a war of aggression;

  • Raed Jarrar, an Iraqi-American who organized civilian body count efforts in Iraq after the US invasion and who serves as the Government Relations Manager at the American Friends Service Committee.

Additional testifiers scheduled for today include actors Danny Glover and Ed Begley, Australian anti-nuclear activist Dr. Helen Caldicott, former Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman, consumer advocate Ralph Nader, environmental activist Bill McKibben and many more.

Please join us via livestream to explore #TheLies that lead us into war in Iraq.  

After you watch, call on Obama to create a Commission on Truth and Accountability!

In solidarity,
Alli, Ariel, Chelsea, Ciara, Faith, Jodie, Mariana, Martha, Max, Medea, Nancy K, Nancy M, Paula, Sam and Samira

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