Tonight: Shadow World of Weapons Trade


Trump recently returned from his trip to Asia, where the salesman-in-chief once again used meetings with foreign leaders to act as broker for U.S. weapons companies. Trump, already head salesman to Saudi Arabia, again took to the world stage to promote the interests of companies like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Boeing at the expense of diplomacy. As the threat of war with North Korea looms, Trump’s response is to try to flood the region with U.S. produced weapons.

Enough is enough. To oppose this headlong rush to war, we must confront the global arms trade by divesting ourselves, our schools, our churches, our cities, and more from the merchants of death raking in fortunes from the spread of warfare and violence.

Tonight, take a deeper look into the seedy underworld of the global arms trade with the premiere of the film Shadow World. This documentary exposes the lies and greed driving the sale of weapons worldwide. Watch Shadow World tonight on PBS at 9:30pm, then join the campaign to confront this deadly industry.  

Join us in this exciting new campaign by pledging to divest from the war machine. We will send you updates, invite you to webinars, share ideas and give you tools for divesting.

As the ongoing assault on the Iran nuclear deal shows North Korea not to engage in negotiations with the U.S., and as Trump pushes “massive” arms deals with the countries surrounding North Korea, the chances for diplomacy are slimming as war looms. Trump’s call to arms is increasing the very tensions he is exploiting to push weapons in the region. And the corporations at the heart of it all are seeing their stocks hit record highs, profiting from the chaos.

That’s why we must ensure that our assets and those of our communities are not supporting these merchants of death. Pledge now to work with us to get our nation’s financial institutions to cut ties with weapons companies!

In October we held the Divest from the War Machine Summit in Washington, D.C. to kick-off the campaign. Foreign policy experts like William Hartung and Vijay Prashad told us this campaign must cut both our financial and cultural ties to war. Divestment experts from around the world talked about divestment as a tool for meaningful, lasting change. Read more about the event here, and see videos from an amazing set of speakers here.

Join us in campaigns on university campuses, in city halls, in our mayor’s offices, in our churches, and in our pension funds to cut our financial ties to war. Pledge now to get involved, receive updates, and learn how to never make a killing on killing!

Don’t forget to share this message on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #wareconomy, especially tonight during the screening of Shadow World

In peace and solidarity,
Ann, Ariel, Brienne, Haley, Jodie, Katie, Mariana, Mark, Mary, Medea, Nancy, Paki, Taylor, and Tighe

P.S. Thanks to everyone who supported us in building the People’s Peace Treaty with North Korea! The top 5 outreach successes are: Judy Bello, Madeleine Crozat-Williams, Denny Riley, Claudia Leight and Paki Wieland. Join them in engaging your friends in this peace treaty. Sign on and pass it forward. Say no to war with North Korea!

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