This Halloween Costume is Not Ok

Dear Activist, 

While violence escalates in the West Bank, and Palestinians are being killed and injured by Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), American companies like Amazon have put on the market this costume sold by Dress Up America and Wholesale Halloween Costumes.

Tell Amazon that occupation and violence isn’t a costume: Drop the Israeli soldier costume now!

Since October 1, renewed violence has left 11 Israelis dead, while Israeli forces have killed at least 63 Palestinians and injured thousands of others. Many of those killed and injured have been children.

The Israeli soldiers, long a symbol of fear, violence and repression against Palestinians, should not be used for entertainment purposes!

After the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) issued a statement labeling the costume as offensive, Walmart quickly dropped the IDF outfit. It also got rid of a racially insensitive outfit depicting a negative stereotype of an Arab man.

Now we’re calling on Amazon to drop the IDF costume too. Sign the petition here! Walmart has withdrawn these terrible and discriminatory costumes, let’s call on Amazon do the same.

Toward a more peaceful world,

PS: Spread the message on twitter, tweet this now: Hey @Amazon drop the Israeli soldier costume! Occupation & violence isn’t a joke, it’s time to #FreePalestine! Sign:

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