The Power of Truth


Last week over one hundred people gave powerful testimony during our two-day People’s Tribunal on the Iraq War in Washington, DC. More than 40,000 people viewed this historic event online! Our witnesses provided comprehensive documentation of the lies that misled the U.S. into a horrific war, with immeasurable costs ensuing from a conflict that has raged for the last 14 years and affected so many lives in the U.S. and around the world. We will be delivering the Tribunal's compelling evidence to President Obama with our call for the creation of a Commission on Truth and Accountability.

The Tribunal — and all of the work CODEPINK does —wouldn’t be possible without your support. Will you make a tax-deductible year-end donation to support our work in 2017?

Given the results of the Presidential election, the need for transparency is more important than ever, as we come closer to having an administration which is seen as volatile, untrustworthy and racist as President-elect Trump’s. CODEPINK has been at the front this year, shining a spotlight on issues of war, militarism and occupation from Palestine to Standing Rock to Iraq to Saudi Arabia. Events like the Iraq Tribunal and this summer’s Summit on Saudi Arabia take time and resources to hold, but they are important tools to document and raise awareness of U.S. complicity with needless war around the world.

Your donations are what makes this work possible. Please make a tax-deductible year-end donation now to ensure that CODEPINK continues to have the resources we need to speak truth to power and work towards a world without war.

Alli, Ariel, Chelsea, Ciara, Faith, Jodie, Mariana, Martha, Max, Medea, Nancy K, Nancy M, Paula, Sam and Samira

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