Tell Uber to Support the Right of Saudi Women to Drive!


Please join CODEPINK and friends at 1:00 pm, Thursday, February 9, at Uber's San Francisco HQ, 1455 Market St, near Van Ness Ave, as we turn in thousands of signatures demanding that the Uber CEO publish an open letter calling on the Saudi King Salman to LIFT THE BAN ON WOMEN DRIVING. RSVP for the protest!

Recent campaigns against Uber have been VERY SUCCESSFUL, such as the #DeleteUber effort to get CEO Travis Kalanick to resign from Trump’s economic advisory council. Now, let’s push Uber on another social justice issue: standing up for the right of Saudi women to drive — and to be Uber drivers. Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world where women are banned from driving, and shamefully, Uber is reaping profits from that ban. Saudi women have been fighting for decades to overturn the ban; it’s time we showed solidarity!

FACT: Saudi Arabia invested $3.5 BILLION in Uber, “earning” a seat on the Uber board.

FACT: 80% of Uber's Saudi customers are women, as the company reaps record profits from the repression of Saudi women.


Additional Action: Sign and share CODEPINK's online petition! It will be presented to Uber on 9 February. 

Demand that Uber CEO Kalanick does the right thing: Tell Saudi King Salman to LIFT THE BAN ON WOMEN DRIVING!

Sign the petition and RSVP for the protest!

In solidarity with our Saudi sisters,
Medea Benjamin

PS For more information, read my article 10 Reasons to Oppose the Saudi Monarchy or my new book Kingdom of the Unjust: Behind the US-Saudi Connection.

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