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How to Support Daniel Hale

On July 27th whistleblower Daniel Hale was sentenced to 45 months in federal prison for exposing the US drone program. CODEPINK has known Daniel since he spoke at our Drone Summit in 2013. There are a few ways you can support Daniel at this time: 

1. Sign the petition to President Biden asking him to pardon Daniel Hale. 

2. Visit to see updates from his closest friends and allies. 

3. Write Daniel a letter! 

Write on plain white paper and black ink.

Daniel Everette Hale 26069-075
USP Marion
U.S. Penitentiary 
P.O. Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959

Use plain white paper, no cards, with black or blue ink, handwritten or printed. Use standard size envelopes, no packages. You can send up to 6 pages, double-sided. Please use your full legal name and a physical address as the return address, not a P.O. Box. Also be aware that Daniel can't respond to group or organizational letters, only to individual persons. Daniel can receive photos (in color) in the mail, fun memes, transcripts (such as of interesting podcasts) and printouts of news articles. He is hoping for articles you found compelling, work out routines to help pass the time, and words of affirmation! Hand drawings are allowed, and we encourage them. Daniel has received a generous inundation of reading materials – he sends his thanks, and asks to hold off for now unless you get a specific request from him.

4. Share Daniel's story on social media. 

Retweet this tweet from CODEPINK. 
Retweet this tweet from the Daniel Hale Support Team.
Stay tuned for a social media toolkit, until then make sure to share the CODEPINK petition to President Biden asking for him to pardon Daniel! 

People to follow that Tweet about Daniel Hale & his case: Daniel Hale Support Team, Jesselyn Radack, Medea Benjamin, Danaka Katovich, William Neuheisel, CODEPINK. 

5. Read about Daniel's story! 

New York Magazine: The Drone Leaker

Chris Hedges: Bless the Traitors

Democracy Now VIDEO: "Committing the Truth" 


The Nuclear Resister: Forty-five months in prison for drone war whistleblower Daniel Hale