SF Bay Area Says No to NATO!


Join us in saying No to NATO! In response to an appeal from European activists organizing a No to NATO conference and protests during this month's NATO SUMMIT in Warsaw, and in support of CODEPINK's own Ann Wright and Medea Benjamin who will attend, Bay Area CODEPINK will focus our monthly Walk for Peace on opposition to the Cold War dinosaur, NATO. NATO, established by the US and European powers in 1949 to counter the U.S.S.R's "Warsaw Pact," has been obsolete since the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. Now it is destabilizing the border regions through provocative and extensive military exercises on the Russian border.

When: Sunday, July 10, 11:45 am - 2 pm

Where: Golden Gate Bridge; all gather at South End Plaza and walk to middle of the Bridge

Parking (carpooling highly recommended): Arrive by 11:15 to get a parking space in parking lots near the SE or SW side of the bridge; OR park at Crissy Field parking and walk up the stairs to the South End Plaza.

Public Transportation: Muni Bus #28

For more information or to co-sponsor this event, contact Toby Blome, ratherbenyckeling@comcast.net

We are in support of the 5 demands sent to us by European peace activists:

  1. The end of confrontation with Russia! No troops and maneuvers at Russia’s Western border.
  2. No further armament in the NATO member states! It can only be financed by sharply reducing spending on education, healthcare and social security systems.
  3. No new nuclear weapons (and no modernization of existing arsenals) in Europe and worldwide.
  4. No missile defense system in Eastern Europe because this system only furthers the dynamic of armament and confrontation.
  5. No NATO operations against refugees.

For a peaceful world for all,
Cecile, Karen, Jackie, Janet, Susan, Toby and the CODEPINK Team

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