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Seed Sharing

Welcome to CODEPINK's Planting Seeds of Peace seed sharing network! If you have seeds you would like to offer reach out to [email protected].

Are you starting a community garden? Get free seeds from: 

Renee's GardenSeed Savers Exchange and Free Seed Project 

CODEPINK Seed Share: 

  • Solidarity Sweet Corn (Non- GMO, non-pollinated) Seeds from Rob Robinson (email [email protected] to order)
  • Seeds List From Stephen Melkisethian (you can email him for seeds at: [email protected])
    Arugula (best picked when 1” or so tall, gets bitter as it gets bigger, extremely prolific, super easy to grow)
    Rucola Coltivata
    Rucola Coltivat Sel. Ortolani (‘Special Selection”)
    Rucola Selvatica Wild Rocket

    Basil (our neighborhood cooks love the varieties I grow, including the unusual ones)
    Al Limone (Italian lemon basil)
    Bolloso Napoletano (big Savoy crinkled type leaves, great for pesto or a summer tomato sandwich)
    Cinnamon Basil (try it on ice cream)
    Emily (compact Genovese type great for pots)
    Genovese (good all around for dressing or pesto)
    Iran (very sweet but the seeds I have left are old with a low germination rate)
    Lemon (yes, it does taste of lemon and it’s a favorite for seafood cooks in our ‘hood)
    Newton (great for pesto)
    Red Freddy (delicious and beautiful purple with an anise-licorice taste)
    Thai Sweet (somewhat rubbery thick leaves makes this basil specialized for pan Asian cooking with high heat in my experience, very anise-licorice tonal tilt)
    Tigullio Italiano Classico (another good all around green basil)
    Violetto Aromatico Italian Purple Basil (anise taste like most purple basil, good for blending with green)

    Fagiolo Nano Vanguard Dwarf French Beans (the famed haricots verts thin French green beans)

    Chioggia (stunning purple rings with white interior)

    Kalibos Purple (very pretty and compact but hard to keep the cabbage worms away from it)

    Little Finger (real baby carrots, not the shaved down phony baloney “Baby Carrots” in the Super Market)
    New Kuroda (said to be the best tasting orange carrot, a new one to me)
    Parisienne (cute, delicious button shaped carrots that will actually grow in clay!)
    Pusa Rudhira Red

    Sedano Verde (my favorite)

    Large Seeded
    Coriandolo Italian (great for cilantro and seeds at the end of the cycle for coriander)

    Erba Cipollina (Italian variety with superior flavor)


    Aneto Italian
    Tetra (gets really huge)

    Indivia Riccia Italian (frisée type, pretty but a bitter tilt that balances well with sweet lettuces)

    Russian Red (remember when the only kale most folks saw was the decoration on the ‘salad bar’ at Pizza Hut? Yikes! Kale and apple salad is awesome so grow it anyway)

    Lettuce (I go for ‘fragile but delicious’, one of my favorite things to grow and eat but storage/refrigeration is a problem so harvest and eat without delay)
    Black Seeded Simpson
    Drunken Woman Frizzy Headed (I just had to try this one because of the crazy name)
    Flashy Butter Gem (looks amazing)
    Great Lakes 118 (heirloom iceberg type)
    Ice Queen (a crisphead iceberg lettuce that tastes great)
    Little Gem (a favorite, delicate and delicious baby Romaine type)
    Mesclun Baby Greens New Red Fire Leaf Lettuce
    Misticanza (Italian Farmer’s Market type mix)
    Oaky Red Splash Looseleaf
    Outredgeous (a great tasting red romaine, one of Pete Seeger’s favorite things to grow was red lettuce)
    Harris Island Cos (classic big leaf romaine)
    Red Salad Bowel (looks like the greens mixes you see at Farmer’s Markets)
    Rocky Top (delicious mesclun type mix, a ‘must grow’ for me)
    Solar Flare
    Tennis Ball (loves the cold, we had at salad made with Tennis Ball at Christmas)
    Tuscany Salad Mix (Italian Farmer’s Market type mix)

    Maggiorana-Gentile Italian

    Onions (I buy these as pencil thin plants from a grower in Texas, fresh shipment arrived 2/12/2021!)
    Borettana Cipollini Onion Plants (delicious small flat Italian roasting onion)
    Candy Onion Plants (large sweet yellow onion, short storage life like most sweet onions)
    Red Zeppelin (delicious large red onion)
    White Bermuda (a neighborhood fave, nice picked early as scallions or later for slicing)
    Yellow Granax (large sweet Vidalia type)
    Yellow Spanish (large yellow onion)

    Moss Curled
    Prezzemolo Commune 2 Italian Flat
    Giant Of Italy

    Austrian Crescent (delicious long fingerling roasting potato, easy to grow)
    Canela Russet (great for fries)
    Caribou Russet (great for baking or fries)
    Yukon Gold (good all around potato)

    Ajvarski (this big fat red roasting pepper from Macedonia is the flavor bomb I like the best)
    Carmen (our neighborhood’s favorite sweet red pepper, big, easy to grow and delicious roasted)
    Cornito Giallo (delicious orange roasting pepper, easy to grow)
    Cornito Rosso (delicious red roasting pepper, easy to grow)
    Criolla De Cocina (hard to find in USA Nicarauguan red sweet pepper)
    Datil (very obscure and super tasty somewhat hot yellow-orange pepper usually only found near St. Augustine, Florida, makes killer BBQ sauce please add figs, I am totally hooked on this one)
    Etiuda (good all purpose orange pepper that is not always a reliable producer)
    El Jefe (hot, The Boss, never tried these before)
    Fish Pepper (if you love hot peppers you must grow this amazing beautiful pepper, African American Culinary Superstar first popularized long ago in the seafood restaurants of the DMV to Philly region, saved by black artists as seeds when it was out of fashion, astonishing white green varigated leaves, peppers mature from white/green to white/purple to orange to red when ripe so you get a symphony of color, easy to dry and use through the winter, makes delicious hot sauce when chopped and added to cider vinegar, honey and a little sea salt)
    Guindilla Roja (very risky, low germination rate, makes a wonderful rojo paste like Jaleo makes)
    Jimmy Nardello Italian Frying Pepper (very tasty heirloom, easier to roast in the oven in foil with a little olive oil and salt, your sandwich is now a banquet)
    Jalapeno Craig’s Grande (very easy to grow and super duper prolific, pick when red and gnarly, makes wonderful chipotles when roasted super low heat over pecan wood smoke and dried, you will never want to buy store bought ‘Chile Powder’ again)
    Orange Bell (surprisingly hard to grow, lousy germination rate, I love tricolor peppers in some dishes so the dude abides)
    Shishito (not my favorite, kind of bland but the neighbors have requested this grow)
    Tunisian Baklouti (crazy hard to grow very hot red pepper with a very complex taste)

    French Breakfast (delicious and lovely white tipped cylindrical red radish)
    Early Scarlet Globe
    Purple Pusa Jamuni
    Japanese Minowase Daikon
    Giant Of Sicily

    Rapini (A Philly staple that should be better known, delicious and easy to cook, boil briefly and then sauté with olive oil…)
    Cima Di Rapa Sessantina
    Cima Di Rapa Novantina
    Cima Di Rapa Quarantina

    Salvia Officinale Italian

    Merlo Nero

    Cube Of Butter (my favorite yellow summer squash)
    Zucchino Da Fiore Le Bizzarre (if you like to cook with beautiful yellow squash flowers this is it!)
    Honeynut (the sweetest compact butternut squash I’ve ever grown, dy-no-mite sweet in pies)
    Waltham Butternut (also great for pies)

    Amana Orange (BIG orange tomato with a deep and bright flavor, perfect for slicing)
    Armenian (lovely red orange fruit with amazing flavor, another ‘must grow’)
    Carbon (purple red, new to me)
    Costoluto Fiorentino (looks like something out of a Renaissance still-life painting, great for slicing or sauce)
    German Johnson (red slicing tomato very popular in North Carolina and Virginia)
    Pantano Romanesco (red Italian slicing tomato)
    Paul Robeson (purple red sweet and smokey Russian flavor bomb named after the famed singer and activist, this is a ‘must grow’)
    Radiator Charlie’s Mortgage Lifter (legendary tomato from West Virginia with a funny back story)
    Rosella (dark red cherry tomato)
    Solar Flare (beautiful red orange color, sweet, fairly hard to grow with a low yield per plant)
    Sungold (the best cherry tomato you will ever taste, neighborhood kids are crazy for these, super prolific and easy to grow, another ‘must grow’)
    White Tomesol (weird looking light yellow tomato)
    Woods Famous Brimmer (this is a regional favorite red tomato from Richmond)

    Timo Di Provenza (superior flavor, best thyme I’ve grown)