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1 Billion Rising Gardens

CODEPINK is joining our friend V (formerly Eve Ensler) for 1 Billion Rising Gardens. Instead of learning how to dance this year, we are going to get our hands dirty and garden. No better way to engage in the practices of Cultivating a Local Peace Economy than to Plant Seeds of Peace.  To nourish life, the planet and peace.  

Rising Gardens is a defiant creative call:

The Covid-19 pandemic has rapidly blown open the destructive veins of neoliberalism, capitalism, racism, fascism and patriarchy, revealing violent and broken systems that have been forced upon us for far too long. The majority of people who are dying are those who have been historically exploited, oppressed, marginalized and discriminated against because of race, gender, class, caste. The sacred connection that Indigenous communities hold with the land has been violated through colonization, broken treaties, and continuous human rights violations.

Rising Gardens is a defiant creative call for revival, restoration and transformation. Gardens as a compassionate call for peace and justice – because one of the greatest injustices of our time has been the destruction and eradication of Mother Earth, parallel to the ongoing and escalating gender-based violence.

Ready to


Join us!

Have a garden at home or in your community, join us to plant seeds of peace.  We will offer ideas, tools and webinars to connect you to the community Rising!   Fill out this Google Form and Angela will be in touch. We want to post your photos and stories to inspire others. Together we can Rise in Peace and Love!


Gardens remind us of our enduring connection to life, to each other and to Earth, which compels us to do everything in our power to protect and nurture life and all that is sacred without doing harm. Growing food in a garden organically – be it your own indoor garden or a community garden – allows you to feed yourself and your community.

Maintaining a garden is an act of resistance because it does the opposite of what the capitalist machinery does – it connects people and communities with the Earth. To grow one’s own food, to grow beauty and life – is revolutionary in this age of ecological, environmental, societal, spiritual collapse.

Tending to a garden, like nurturing our own communities, requires patience, creativity, love, care, attentiveness, presence, diligence, mindfulness and commitment.

  • Gardening centralizes growing and giving, it is not about taking or acquiring.
  • Gardens place us firmly and deeply in the art of honoring life, becoming artistic beds of Creative Resistance.
  • To care for a garden – to nurture it to bloom and grow – deepens our relationship to Mother Earth.
  • Planting seeds of Peace nourishes everyone. 
  • Raise the Vibration with your hands and bodies.
  • RISE FOR Peace On Earth

To make a garden grow is to love.

To keep a community alive is to love.

Create and grow gardens.

Plant Seeds of Peace!

#RiseGardenResist #RisingGardens


Be Inspired!

Listen to our radio show about Planting Seeds for Peace where Jodie Evans is in conversation with Severine von Tscharner Fleming and CODEPINK’s Local Peace Economy Organizer Kelly Curry. 

Read the Growing Guide: Victory Gardens for Peace which includes best practices for gardening to achieve greater food security, climate resilience, and healthier more sustainable communities. 

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