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I_LOVE_FLYER_yellow_codepink_11x17_final_phobia.pngThank you for being a member of the CODEPINK community, and for your commitment to growing your local peace economy. We are always happy to hear what you are doing and learning.

We want to alert you to the fact that a nationwide day of anti-Muslim action has been called and many are happening this weekend. How can we come together and show love instead of hate and nourish those most vulnerable in our communities?

The Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) found a 57% increase in anti-Muslim bias incidents during 2016, as well as a 44% increase in anti-Muslim hate crimes in the same period. Some weeks ago, a man on a Portland bus killed two men and seriously wounded a third after they stopped him from screaming Islamophobic slurs at two Muslim teenagers.

Local Muslim groups are asking supporters to have “Solidarity with My Muslim Neighbour” gatherings that promote love and unity. Instead of counter protesting here are some things you can do:

  • Support refugee centers in your community by volunteering or mentoring newcomers.
  • Organize a group and collectively read & debrief CAIR's Islamophobia Pocket Guide, Community Safety Kit, & Securing Religious Liberty Handbook 
  • Get to know your Muslim neighbors, co-workers, and people you come in contact with. Show them you care about their well-being and appreciate their culture and background. Help them overcome any social and economic barriers they might be experiencing. Or introduce them to someone who can help them.
  • Invite a Muslim family to your home. Share a meal, and exchange ideas for promoting peace and unity. Better yet, organize a Pop Up For Peace and bring people together to make supportive connections.
  • Start a book club and invite your Muslim neighbor/s to join in. Select books that reflect the cultural diversity of Muslims and learn more together.
  • Host a film screening that teaches and informs people about Islam and the rich cultural history of Muslims. Invite a Muslim scholar or professor to speak and share their views.
  • Start a cooking club and invite your Muslim friends, neighbors, and co-workers to join in. What a great way to enjoy diverse cuisines and promote solidarity and peace!
  • If you see someone being harassed on the street, the bus, or the mall, report the crime immediately and if it’s safe to do so, rise up to defend them. Rally others to join you. Videotape the incident and post it on social media and send it to the news media and urge them to report hate crimes.
  • Debunk myths and stereotypes. Defend Muslims and educate people on social media. Our social networks are full of vitriol and fake news against Islam and Muslims. Don’t be afraid to chime in and provide correct information and resources/links to accurate news.
  • Go to the streets and show how love for Muslims looks like.

#RiseLoveResist! Let’s rise for love -- love is an action. Let us know what you decide to do and how can we support you. We welcome your ideas, photos, and letters!

Growing peace and love,
Ariel, Jodie, Farida, Mariana, Mary, Medea, Nancy, Paula, Susan, and Taylor

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