From the Montgomery Bus Boycott to the movement to divest from apartheid South Africa, strategic boycott and divestment campaigns are one of the most effective form of nonviolent action. A new day is dawning in Congress with the election of bold progressive women of color like Rashida T;aib and Ilhan Omar who are voicing their support for Palestinian rights and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction movement. The defenders of the status quo -- of occupation, war, and Israeli apartheid -- are getting desperate.

There's a possibility that the Israel Anti-Boycott Act might be quietly added to an end-of-year budget bill! There is no way to be sure, but if right-wing pro-Israel lobbyists have their way, the anti-BDS languages could be slipped into a long must-pass appropriations bill without consideration or debate. The entire bill would then receive an up or down vote on the floor - no amendments.

The Israel lobby is anxious to see the BDS movement weakened and discouraged precisely because BDS organizing has proven to be an effective tactic for building visible support for Palestinian rights even when action by Congress seemed light years away. We must act quickly to oppose any attacks on our freedom to boycott in support of Palestinian rights.

We need to act quickly and urge Congress members to prevent any language resembling the Israel Anti-Boycott Act from being included in the appropriations bill. Follow the instructions below to contact your Congress member!

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