From the Montgomery Bus Boycott to the movement to divest from apartheid South Africa, strategic boycott and divestment campaigns are one of the most effective form of nonviolent action. With the election of bold progressive women of color like Rashida Taib and Ilhan Omar who are voicing their support for Palestinian rights and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction movement, a new day is dawning in Congress.

The first bill under consideration by the Republican majority Senate is S.1 — a bill which incorporates language from the Combating BDS Act, an unconstitutional bill which we defeated in the last Congress. The Combating BDS Act calls upon states and cities to enact laws that curtail our constitutional freedoms by denying government contracts to people who boycott for Palestinian rights.

These types of laws have already been ruled unconstitutional  by federal judges in Kansas and Arizona in response to lawsuits filed by the ACLU- there are three additional lawsuits currently challenging similar laws in Texas and Maryland.

Even though courts are reaffirming our constitutional right to boycott for Palestinian rights, pro-Israel Senators are  still trying to infringe on our right to use our economic power to boycott institutions and corporations that are complicit in Israel's oppression of the Palestinian people.

We need to act quickly to prevent the Senate from sneaking through the Combating BDS Act as part of S.1!

Email Congress now and call Call your Senator and Senator Schumer now via the Capital Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

Sample Script: Hi, my name is _____ from [City, State] and I am calling Sen. X to urge them to VOTE NO ON S.1 today. This bill includes the Combating BDS Act, which was defeated in the previous two congressional sessions because it is unconstitutional. It encourages states to pass laws that punish people who boycott for Palestinian rights by denying them government contracts. Federal judges in Kansas and Arizona have ruled these types of laws to be a violation of our First Amendment right to boycott. Please ask the senator to vote no on S.1. Thank you.

Follow the instructions below to contact your Senators and urge them not to co-sponsor the Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act of 2019, S. 1.


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  • 🇨🇳DumpUSA🇨🇦正义 قروب فلسطيني
    commented 2019-02-09 08:49:45 -0500
    Zionist Israel is so vicious evil!
  • james nordlund
    commented 2019-01-29 21:02:49 -0500
    Great worx, thanx; also, please: No coup in Venezuela. Should we have a coup in the united suck of assassins because RumputiN/Vlad-the-Impaler were installed in the Blackhouse and not elected? reality
  • james nordlund
    commented 2019-01-29 21:02:34 -0500
    Great worx, thanx; also, please: No coup in Venezuela. Should we have a coup in the united suck of assassins because RumputiN/Vlad-the-Impaler were installed in the Blackhouse and not elected? reality
  • Michael Kemper
    commented 2019-01-28 16:03:51 -0500
    Obviating the right to speech is not American, it is totalitarian, fascist. We don’t tolerate fascism in the United States, do we?
  • prof e wootton
    commented 2019-01-28 15:03:07 -0500
    It is extraordinary that some members of Congress would violate the right to free speech here in the USA for a truly terrorist Israeli government which has created a discriminatory apartheid country and daily abuse the indigenous Palestinian people whose continuous residency goes back for many millennia. See Ilan Pappe’s The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine; read concerns of the ACLU & other protectors of human rights on these matters.
  • Chantal Dubeck
    commented 2019-01-28 14:52:35 -0500
    Stop the settlements, stop the occupation, free Palestine, free speech is not to be denied !
  • Anna Meehan
    commented 2019-01-24 23:39:33 -0500
    As a school-based speech-language therapist (SLP), I support Bahia!
  • Elia Tabri
    commented 2019-01-13 17:31:34 -0500
    Supporting Israel and advocating against BDS is the equivalent to partnering with Apartheid, Eehnic Cleansing, Genocide and illegal occupation of Palestine for 70 years!
  • john hieatt
    commented 2019-01-12 04:28:23 -0500
    American citizens deserve the right of freedom of speech and the right to boycott Israel the country which slaughters Palestinians on a daily basis.
  • Cleo Dioletis
    commented 2019-01-10 14:26:32 -0500
    Don’t vote to take away our 1st Amendment rights. Vote NO on S.1
  • Philip L Bereano
    followed this page 2019-01-10 11:55:05 -0500
  • Carol Byram
    commented 2019-01-09 11:18:29 -0500
    If this free speech violation passes, I see slippery slope slides ahead.
  • Bobbi Siegelbaum
    commented 2019-01-09 09:33:19 -0500
    We all have a right to boycott which is a nonviolent way of protesting, and is protected by our 1st amendment. I stand with and support our Constitution, shouldn’t you?
  • Tim Havel
    commented 2019-01-08 10:51:17 -0500
    You might add to this Email the fact that AIPAC should NOT be exempt from regulations that prohibit foreign lobbyists!
  • Christopher Moran
    commented 2019-01-08 09:25:30 -0500
    No AMERICA stop supporting goverments who IMPRISON CHILDREN without any CAUSE.
  • Terrence Reiter
    commented 2019-01-08 07:43:22 -0500
    Do all Rep.‘s think we, the people of the USA, are as stupid as they are. Can’t wait until the next election and they are all gone.
  • Randy frushour
    commented 2019-01-07 16:12:27 -0500
    Signed shared. Hi Medea, best of everything, Stand (Randy)
  • Howard Pflanzer
    followed this page 2019-01-07 14:13:12 -0500
  • Radical Change
    commented 2019-01-07 13:14:55 -0500
    This is a disgrace! I wonder if all the Schumer and Pelosi fans know that they support Israel? We also must push for the Green New Deal with a provision in it calling for military cutbacks with the saved funds redirected to the GND.
  • Ernie Looney
    commented 2019-01-07 12:48:31 -0500
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
    I have the right to say Israel is committing genocide in Palestine when there is overwhelming evidence. I have the right to stop any relationships I may or may not have with Israel. You do not have the right to revoke my right to say this.
  • Chantal Dubeck
    commented 2019-01-07 12:21:15 -0500
    Stop trying to get to my rights to free speech and opinions. BDS is right. Palestine is occupied , it needs to stop !
  • Dee Standley
    commented 2019-01-07 12:13:32 -0500
    Vote No on S.1 As US citizens we have a right of association in the 1rst Ammendment. Don’t tread on me!
  • Linda Purkey
    commented 2018-12-21 06:05:01 -0500
    Stop infringement of Americans right to boycott Israel or any other thing
  • Christie Fox
    commented 2018-12-18 15:00:11 -0500
    Get Israel out of US Government affairs!