Pop-Up for Peace with CODEPINK


Dear Activist,

Conversations over meals have been a place for healing and peacemaking for millennia. When we share stories and ask questions, we learn and feel more connected. There is so much confusion and fear around Syrian refugees, growing Islamophobia, ISIL/Daesh and whether peace is even possible. We feel it is time to gather our communities in conversation and connection.

Will you facilitate a Pop-Up for Peace gathering in your community to talk about the Middle East conflicts and growing Islamophobia here at home?

In Los Angeles, the CODEPINK Local Peace Economy is organizing Pop-Up for Peace gatherings on the night of December 4th at restaurants and homes across the city. We have outreached to the Middle Eastern communities to partner with us and local media is alerting the community to the gatherings.

We are encouraging CODEPINK members nationwide to take this opportunity to gather and lead a conversation. Use your imagination: you can host a gathering in your home, make it potluck and invite friends. You can ask a local restaurant to make space available and reach out to the larger community. Pick a date, venue and format that works for you. Invite people from the Middle East to share stories or read stories from the press about the struggles refugees are facing. You can pass around the Menu for Peace (which will be sent to you next week), which will support conversation with facts and recipes for peace. People are longing to connect and talk. You can provide an easy format for that to happen. Our team is here and ready to support you.

Hungry for change,

Ariel, Chelsea, Janet, Jodie, Medea, Michaela, Michelle, Tighe

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