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Make Music Not War: A Concert for Peace


Join CODEPINK on the National Mall on Friday, November 9th for a celebration of peace, love, and global community. In partnership with Catharsis on the Mall, we will hold a joyful festival that uses music and art as an alternative to Trump’s national military (war) parade taking place the next morning. We will begin at 5pm with singing, dancing, and artmaking into the night as we call for music, not militarism!

Participate in Creating Peace!!

peaceconcert_icons_art.pngMake Art

Take leadership on an art space! Engage attendees in message-making for peace and create visuals to use against the next morning’s war parade. Let us know if you want to sponsor an art booth!

peaceconcert_icons_art.pngSend a Peace Ribbon

Send a peace ribbon or join the team to make it happen.  Inspired by the Climate Ribbon, we will thread our hopes and dreams together in a collaborative art project that reflects the community inclusion needed for lasting peace and social justice. We will decorate ribbons with our messages and tie the strips to a large peace sign. Learn more about the Peace Ribbon and how to get involved here.

peaceconcert_icons_art.pngCreate a Peace Banner

Imagine a bright pink banner the length of the war parade with messages of peace, love and a global community. Join the team to make it happen. If you can't be with us in person, send a message to add to the banner.

peaceconcert_icons_art.pngMake Music

We want to hear from you! Who do you think would be a fun musician to represent peace and love at the concert? Submit your ideas here!

peaceconcert_icons_art.pngShare Your Light in the Moonlight

Would you like to offer a space for yoga, somatics, peace practices, poetry reading, or any other creative engagement? Let us know!


Be a part of our team! To make this event the best it can be, we need your support. For more information on getting involved or additional ideas and offerings email Brienne at [email protected]. If you are interested in volunteering in DC leading up to the event and need a place to stay, contact Paki at [email protected].

Join us in person for the concert to be joyfully visible during the parade and for the weekend’s many activities peace! Check out our DC travel tips.

We also understand that traveling can be a challenge for some. Here are a few ideas to show your support from afar:

  • Send us a Peace Ribbon
  • Host a community art-making event
  • Donate art supplies, such as appliques, and pink fabric
  • Submit a design for a peace-themed image stencil

peaceconcert_icons_art.pngContact Us

For more information on getting involved or additional ideas and offerings, email Brienne at [email protected]

Please also support our effort to bring the Trump Baby blimp to the war parade through our GoFundMe page. And spread the word on Facebook and Twitter!