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Make Art Not War: Peace Ribbon

Inspired by the Climate Ribbon, we will thread our hopes and dreams together in a collaborative art project that reflects the community inclusion needed for lasting peace and social justice. We will decorate ribbons with our messages and tie the strips to a large structure in the shape of a peace sign. A tremendous thank you to former CODEPINK co-directer Rae Abileah for the idea!

Send us a ribbon with your message for peace. You can send ribbons as individuals or host a ribbon making event in your area to strengthen your local peace economy.

Make your own ribbon!

  • Look within. Pause for a moment and consider what is worth saving. What do you love most that you hope to never lose to war? Be specific and personal. What’s at stake for you?
  • Find a piece of ribbon that is about 2 feet long. Consider recycling old ribbons from gift wrapping, or ripping an old sheet or piece of fabric into strips (ideally, the less imported new materials, the more eco-friendly, the better). You’re welcome to take creative liberty to make sashes or other sizes. Pick a ribbon that is wide enough to write on.
  • Write your phrase on the left side of your ribbon with a Sharpie or other waterproof marker. Add your name, age and where you live on the right side of the ribbon, leaving the middle blank. Some examples we’ve received:
  • Send your ribbon to CODEPINK’s DC Activist House: 1241 Evarts St NE, Washington DC 20018

Share your ribbon with us!

Take a picture of your ribbon and post it to Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram with the hashtags #peaceribbon and #makeartnotwar. And don’t forget to tag CODEPINK!