Peace for HKonJ this Saturday in Raleigh, NC


Join us at the People's Assembly and Moral March this Saturday in NC.

The tremendous outpouring of determination at the marches and protests for Women’s Rights, #NoBanNoWall, and #NoDAPL has shown the world what can happen when people stand together in solidarity. But this is just the beginning. This Saturday, we have another chance to mobilize and demonstrate our commitment to rising against the Trump agenda.

The People’s Assembly and Moral March (aka HKonJ), will be led by the Rev. William J. Barber II, will be held Saturday, Feb. 11, in Raleigh, NC. North Carolina has been the testing ground for regressive legislation that now threatens our entire nation. Racist voter suppression laws, "Bathroom Bills," the closing of rural hospitals and women's health clinics, and a frontal assault on our right to dissent. All of these and more threaten to become our social and political landscape unless we unite and fight back. Please join us in our common struggle:

WHAT: People’s Assembly and Moral March
WHEN: Saturday, February 11th @ 8:30 am
WHERE: Raleigh, NC

Buses will be coming from throughout North Carolina and beyond, and transport along the march will be provided for those unable to walk the route. Event FlyerTransportation Info

Join us at the People's Assembly and Moral March this Saturday in NC!

Rising in peace,

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