One Year of Killing in Yemen


Today marks one year since Saudi Arabia began what they said would be “short-term” military involvement in Yemen’s civil war. In the 365 days since, using American-made fighter jets, cluster bombs, and other munitions, more than 3,000 innocent Yemeni civilians have been killed, many of them in ways that may amount to war crimes. It is far past time for the United States to stand up and say “enough is enough” and repudiate Saudi aggression and killing in Yemen.

Tell Secretary of State John Kerry to press the Saudis to end the bombing in Yemen, sign a permanent peace agreement and provide a joint aid package to rebuild the country.

U.S.-supplied F-15s and cluster bombs have been used extensively in the bombing campaign in Yemen, resulting in thousands of deaths of Yemeni civilians as well as significant damage to Yemen’s infrastructure and rich architectural history. The Saudi-led bombing raids have been conducted indiscriminately, killing journalists and destroying multiple buildings in a Doctors Without Borders facility.

The situation in Yemen in the wake of a year of relentless bombing has been described as a “humanitarian catastrophe” by the United Nations, with 21 million people in need of some kind of aid, 7.6 million people "severely food-insecure", and over 3.4 million children out of school. That the United States supplied the weapons that caused this devastation and still remains silent in the face of such horror is unconscionable.

A ceasefire has been announced that will go into effect April 10. The U.S. should support the ceasefire and use it as an opportunity to push for peace talks, then provide aid for rebuilding Yemen once peace has been achieved. Use our action page to tell John Kerry to press for an end to the bombing in Yemen and to provide humanitarian aid to rebuild the country.

We cannot undo the damage that has been done in Yemen, but we can speak out to prevent any more damage from occurring and help repair what our weapons have wrought. Thank you for joining us in calling for peace and justice for the Yemeni people.

Alice, Alli, Ariel, Chelsea, Janet, Jodie, Marwa, Medea, Michaela, Nancy, Rebecca, Sam and Tighe

PS: You don't want to miss this harrowing new segment about life inside of Saudi Arabia made jointly by PBS and ITV -- watch it and share it with your friends!

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