OFFICIAL RELEASE: CODEPINK declares Obama win a victory for the peace movement

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Like the rest of the world, CODEPINK is emboldened by Sen. Barack Obama's victory in a historic presidential election.

The victory came through the hard work of millions within the progressive peace and justice movement within the past six years, bolstered by a values shift among the majority of Americans and their growing demand and faith in change -- including an end to war.  It is a victory for the movement and inspiration for further change!

"Americans have stood up to say they know the cost of war in lives, dignity and money," said Jodie Evans, CODEPINK cofounder. "Being against war is the winning decision. They are ready for change. War is so over."

This victory will make it much harder for politicians to submit to the greed of Wall Street and the war machine, bending their own morals, by supporting war -- as they have for the past six years.

But CODEPINK's work is not nearly over. CODEPINK members will be in the halls of Congress and in city halls nationwide, using playful, disarming methods to remind politicians of the change their constituents demand and shine a pink light on any absurdities and abuses of power. They will urge them to end the occupation of Iraq and provide reparations for its people, to refuse to send troops to another losing war in Afghanistan, to create a diplomatic solution to the conflict with Iran, to restore our civil liberties and protect our environment, to bail out homeowners in foreclosure because of predatory lenders, and to create a NEW New Deal for America: jobs, housing, universal health care, education, roads and public transportation.

"We can't stop now," said Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK cofounder. "An Obama administration will need our help to live up to its promises."

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