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New Hampshire: STOP Elbit


Elbit Systems, Israel's largest weapons manufacturer, has been involved in all of Israel’s major offensives in Gaza. They produce armed drones, surveillance equipment and other products used for violence in Gaza and repression along the Israeli apartheid wall and U.S.-Mexico border. Elbit drones and surveillance towers are part of the deadly Clinton era border militarization policy of “prevention through deterrence” that has resulted in over 6000 migrant deaths in the desert since the 1990s.

Just like U.S. weapons makers, Elbit donates money to Congressional candidates in order to influence their policy positions. Any candidates who take money from Elbit Systems are complicit in the crimes and repression that come with border militarization.

To date, Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) has taken at least $10,500 in campaign contributions from Israeli weapons giant Elbit Systems and over $300,000 weapons manufacturers. Rep. Annie Kuster received $2000 from Elbit and $66,000 from military contractors in 2018. Elbit is Israel’s largest publicly traded weapons company, manufacturing repression and death from Palestine to the U.S.-Mexico border.

There is nothing progressive about border militarization. Tell New Hampshire Congress members Shaheen and Kuster to do the right thing and STOP taking money from Elbit Systems and other merchants of death.