Muslim Solidarity Rapid Response Team: Alert

Activist --

Thank you for signing up to be on our Muslim Solidarity Rapid Response Team. The U.S.’s rising Islamophobia is horrific, and we must do everything we can help keep our Muslim sisters and brothers safe. Here are some ideas of things you can do right now to stand up to Islamophobia in your community…

We also received lots of ideas from those of you who signed up for the Muslim Solidarity Rapid Response team. Here are some of the ideas that were submitted to us:

  • Organize local peace walks or marches to protest Islamophobia and/or promote love and unity.
  • Gather in public places to have conversations about the discrimination Muslims are facing and to show solidarity.
  • Reach out to any other political organizations to create local coalitions, maybe even bipartisan or transpartisan.
  • Place a sign in the window of your home or workplace that reads “Hate Has No Business Here #MuslimsWelcome”, “#RefugeesWelcome” or "Bigotry-free zone",  or “Hate Free Zone”, for example.
  • Reach out to your local mosque with a message of support and ask them how you can work together to plan a community or cultural event to promote understanding.
  • Call your elected officials and urge them to stand up to Islamophobia!

Now is the time to take action. Please let us know what you are doing by using the hashtag #StandWithIslam on Twitter!

In solidarity,

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