Mindfulness Day 9 of 21: Body Shakeout!


Welcome to Friday and a heartfelt thanks to all who filled out our survey yesterday. It was wonderful to see that these practices have helped many of you slow down and center.

A few of you asked for audio/video content, as well as more body work, so I’m going to incorporate all of these into today’s practice!

If you have audio recordings you use and like, please send them my way for future days, as well as practices others could benefit from.

Today’s is a simple exercise to literally shake out the tension in our bodies, a nice end to the week.

Today’s Practice

Take some time to find a place where you won’t be disturbed for five minutes. Stand with your feet planted firmly on the ground and take two deep breaths to center.

Click on this video and enjoy the practice!

After you are done, take a moment to explore how your body feels now.

If you can’t access the video, here is a transcription:

Start with your right arm, keeping it relaxed, and give it a good shake. Keep your wrists, elbows, shoulders relaxed.

Now let’s move into the right leg, shaking all of the stagnant energy out and feeling the qi circulate throughout the entire leg. Give it a good shake. Keep your hip, knee, ankle, toes loose.

When you feel ready, lower your right leg and shake your left arm. Keep breathing, keep it nice and loose.

And when you’re ready, move into your left leg. Give it a good shake, releasing and opening to the qi in your whole leg.

Placing your foot down, begin to shake your entire body. Your legs, your arms, your torso, your neck, your head - everything is nice and loose as your shake. Relax your jaws and all the muscles in your face. Keep both feet on the floor.

Now slowly start to decrease the intensity of your movements - when you are ready come into a standing position.

Thanks for your practice!

Peace and light,


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