Mindfulness Day 5 of 21: Mindful Eating, Part 1


Welcome to Day 5 and the start of a new week!

Yesterday, we explored three of our senses - hearing, sight and touch. Today, we’ll continue that exploration and add another one: taste.

You can be mindful in every aspect of daily life, and today I’m introducing you to my personal favorite practice, mindful eating.

Today’s Practice

Find a small piece of food, such as one raisin or nut, or a piece of fruit.

First, look at the food. Notice its texture. Notice its color.

Bring it to your nose and explore with your sense of smell.

Now, take your first bite. Chew very slowly, noticing the actual sensory experience of chewing and tasting - you can close your eyes if you’d like.

Notice the texture of the food, the way it feels in your mouth. Notice if the intensity of its flavor changes, moment to moment.

Take about 20 more seconds to very slowly finish this first bite of food, being aware of the simple sensations of chewing and tasting. Continue to the next bite and repeat for as many as you’d like.

Pause to reflect; what thoughts or desires arise after this practice.

Let me know how your experience went by email, and post pictures of your mindful food on the Facebook group!

Thanks for your practice and for all that you are,

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