Mindfulness Day 4 of 21 - Hear, See, Touch


Welcome to Day 4, and happy Sunday!

Yesterday, we moved from awareness of breath to awareness of the sensations inside our bodies. Now, we will extend this awareness to the environment around us.

Today’s Practice

Take a moment to find a place where you can get sit and get comfortable.

Set a timer for five minutes if you’d like.

Bring your awareness to your breath, noticing each inhale and exhale. You can half-smile if it helps you remember to relax.

Now, one at a time for about a minute each, bring your awareness to each of the following three senses.

Hear - begin to notice all of the sounds around you. Some might be closer, some might be more distant. Try not to judge them, just notice.

See - observe your surroundings and notice the colors, shapes, and textures.

Touch - bring your attention to the sensation of each point of contact your body has with the floor, your chair, your clothes or wherever else it has contact. Feel the air on your skin and observe the caress and temperature.

When finished, pause to notice how your body feels in this moment. Reflect on how you feel now with how you felt five minutes ago - has anything changed?

Thank you for your practice. You can check in with your senses throughout your day as an anchor to the present moment.

With love and light,

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