Mindfulness Day 2 of 21: Counting Our Breath


Welcome to Day 2, and Happy Friday!

Yesterday, we took five deep breaths. 

Being aware of our breath as we move through life can help us unite our body and mind, coming into a place of presence and peace. 

Today’s Practice

Take some time to find a quiet place where you can sit. Get comfortable and relax your body.

Set a timer on your phone or watch for five minutes.

Close your eyes, and count your breaths until the timer rings. 

As you breathe in, say 1 in your mind, and as you breathe out, say 1.

Breathe in, say 2. Breathe out, say 2.

Continue through 5, then start again and again. When you are aware you are not counting, simply start at 1 again.

Thank you for your practice.

Take a few minutes to experience the space after, and reflect on how you're feeling. 

Feel free to email me (kelly@codepink.org) about your experience and questions, and post to the Facebook group. Notice your breath today, and have a great weekend!

Thanks for being all that you are,


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  • Malcolm Nazareth
    commented 2018-02-13 00:45:30 -0500
    I didn’t read all your instructions before beginning. At times I lost count and guessed where I might pick up again. I reached somewhere near 45.