Mindfulness Day 20 of 21 - A Meditation for World Peace


As we near the end of our 21 days, we reflect on how our practice of mindfulness is a seed that grows the fruit of social change. We reflect on the notion that compassion is key to world peace:

“Can you revise your perceptions to see the world in terms of suffering and the end of suffering, instead of good and bad? To see the world in terms of suffering and the end of suffering is Buddha-mind, and will lead us away from righteousness and anger. Get in touch with your own Buddha-mind, and you will uncover a healing force of compassion.”

― Sharon Salzberg, Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness

Today we’re offering a simple practice from our friend Arnie Kotler to connect our peacework with our heart-center.

Today’s Practice

Take some time to find a quiet place and get into a comfortable seated position.

Breathe deeply into your heart. Feel the warmth of your heart-center. You can return here at any time, to disengage from being swept away by feelings of hopelessness, unworthiness, rage.

Understand that anything you perceive in others and in the world is also inside you, and in many cases outside the range of consciousness.

Return to your breathing.

Visualize someone you love. Feel your heart.

Visualize the planet getting through the chaos of today and regaining harmony.

Reflect on how all work in the world, especially peacework, requires us to connect with our heart-center. Then it’s trustworthy and not just reactive. From our own deepest core comes the most creative problem-solving.

Thank you for your practice.

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