Mindfulness Day 18 of 21 - A Meditation on Acceptance


Today, we’d like to share a special meditation that was custom-created for all of us by Matthew Kozan Palevsky, the president of Upaya Zen Center.


Today’s Practice

Find a quite a comfortable location to just sit for a little while.

Once seated, embody the quality of a strong, rooted and flexible back complemented by a soft, open and welcoming front.

Close your eyes and set an intention for this period of mindfulness: to be present with all that arises and to end suffering in yourself and all beings. Allow the intention to rest like a seed at the root of your being.

Begin to follow your breath as you inhale and exhale. Quite simply, notice the rising of the belly, and the falling of the belly with each breath.

As thoughts or sensation arises, notice them as well. Say yes to each thing as it comes and allow it to continue on like a cloud crossing a vast sky. Whether anger or compassion, worry or delight, thoughts of the future, the past or the present, simply say yes to each thing. In this way, accept each thought or sensation just as it is and return to the breath, embodying the vast equanimity of the broad blue sky.

Continue in this way for as much time as you have set aside for yourself.

When you are ready, slowly open your eyes and bring your awareness to that seed at the root of your being that you planted at the beginning. Has it grown? Has the soil in which it was placed changed?

Dwell for a moment on the quality of awareness that you have cultivated and carry it forward with you to whatever comes next.

Thanks for your practice!

With love,


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