Mindfulness Day 15 of 21 - Taking Care of Difficult Emotions


Along this journey, some of you have shared that you’ve had trouble dealing with difficult emotions like anger and fear. I’m right there with you - there’s a lot of stimuli in our daily lives and the greater world that can trigger these feelings in a heartbeat.

Today I’d like to share a simple practice that has really helped me, and many others, work through difficult emotions.

Today’s Practice

As you move through today, notice when negative feelings arise in you. Your cue will be the reaction that happens in your body - a tightening of the chest, a quickening of the breath, etc.

As this happens, name the emotion by observing, a feeling of _____(anger/annoyance/fear etc) has just arisen in me.

Start to take deep, slow breaths to calm the feeling, taking good care of it. Envision yourself as a mother tenderly holding her crying baby.

Once your body is relaxed, can you let go, is there more space?

Now look into the cause of the feeling, and investigate what ideas and beliefs are at the root of this feeling. Sit with these.

Good luck!

Love and light,


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  • Malcolm Nazareth
    commented 2018-02-28 12:45:42 -0500
    I have had the pleasure of participating in at least 4 of the 21 mindfulness practice exercises along with my wife Mariani. We found them wonderful to bring calm and orientation at the end of a hectic day before bedtime. All of them were short, sweet, and fairly easy to do. So little work for so much gain. Thank you, Kelly.
  • Malcolm Nazareth
    followed this page 2018-02-28 12:44:52 -0500