Learning about Just Transition in Sonoma, CA


We are gathering in Sonoma to build for a just transition from the war economy to networks of local peace economies. We hope to vision, grow and deepen our community by coming together to examine our role(s) in the war economy and learn together how to shift our individual and collective values and behaviors in service of uplifting local peace economies. Join CODEPINK for a weekend peace camp in Sonoma County. 

Registration is HERE! Price covers meals!

Joining us will be the Executive Director of Faith in Action Bay Area Dr. Jennifer Martinez and former Mayor of Richmond Gayle McLaughlinOn Sunday, Jennifer will discuss sanctuary work, and other areas of community organizing. On Saturday, Gayle will spend an hour with us talking about how she built a peace economy in Richmond and the progressive changes she made in the city.

We commit to co-creating as brave a space as possible for our participants & movements to connect, heal, and unite! We will offer an anti-oppression / consent / accomplices, not allies, nonviolent communication training upon arrival

Come for an exciting weekend or for a day. You can camp outside (bring/borrow a tent!) or sleep inside for a slumber party!

We’d love for you to join us, 
Ann, Ariel, Brienne, Haley, Jodie, Katie, Mariana, Mark, Mary, Medea, Nancy, Paki, Paula, Taylor and Tighe

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