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IWD 2023: Feminist Voices for Peace Webinars

Join CODEPINK on International Women’s Day 2023 as we come together to discuss the core values and missions of a feminist foreign policy, what we as feminists need to do in the ongoing rise of violence, hatred and environmental crisis and how we can engage locally and globally to stand in solidarity with one another. 

We will have a series of webinars throughout the day to engage online with our local and global communities. By registering for this event, you will get a link to all three webinars!

Morning Webinar 9am PST/11am CST/12pm EST - IWD Kick off, discussing what events are happening, online actions and any tool kits to use for the day, speeches from global voices

Midday webinar 2pm PST/4pm CST/5pm EST - online action we can do together during the webinar, speeches from global voices

End of day webinar 6pm PST/8pm CST/9pm EST- reflections from the day, with live reflections and recorded speeches from national voices, plug ongoing actions and events to continue to follow 

And before IWD2023! 

  • Please use our IWD2023 tool kit here
  • If you want to sign onto our coalition as an individual, sign up here.
  • If you want to sign onto our coalition as an organization, sign up here.


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