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#IWD2024 Toolkit: Liberate Women Everywhere

Resources to help you organize your region’s IWD event!

Educational Resources


#IWD2024: Reproductive Justice Everywhere poster, 18 x 24

Feminists Stand for Peace Not Occupation & Genocide Poster

11 x 17 inches | 18 x 24 inches24 x 36 inches


  • Would like to create your own banner? Here's some tips:
    1. Cut the canvas (or other fabric) to 3 x 12 feet (4 yards of 6 ft fabric makes two banners). Tearing works better than cutting.
    2. Bleach, wash and then dye the canvas. Don't leave the fabric in the bath in too long. Dark pink is harder to read.
    3. Paint the sign with #IWDEndWar, using stencils if desired.
    4. Once dry, remove the stencil and apply ruffle (optional).
    5. Attach the grommets (optional).

Contact Us 

Have some ideas for a disruption and want to share on this page? Send info to: [email protected]

Ideas for action

  • Banner Drop 
    • Needs: Banner with #IWDLiberateWomenEverywhere, folks to carry the banner, camera, and high-traffic area to hang it (freeway, public building, etc)!
    • As soon as you arrive at your banner-hanging location, take photos for posting on the CODEPINK national website, your Facebook wall, twitter and elsewhere! Depending upon the location you choose, you may not need the grommets. When the police come by, they will most likely instruct you on the law (no attaching banners). Explain that you just wanted to make sure the banner didn't fall onto the freeway. Engage them in a conversation if possible.What you are doing is supported by both Federal and State law. Be respectful, but unafraid. If the police order you to remove the attachments you must do so. The law says you are allowed to hold the banner with your hands. If they decide your banner is a traffic hazard, you will have to remove it. Try to negotiate. Ask if it would be OK to stay a few minutes longer, and then do as they say.

    • Example from CHICAGO – The day before International Women’s Day 2023, CODEPINK, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, and Chicago Area Peace Action dropped a banner over the Chicago river that read: Feminists Say No to War with accompanying signs demanding negotiations in Ukraine and cooperation with China. This action was also promoted by an official press release

  • Walk in their shoes 
    • Needs: old pair of shoes, a tag to write out the names of victims of war, like-minded peacemakers, and a camera to take photos!
    • This form of action is considered, street theater, sometimes called Guerilla Theater, involves the acting out of a social issue in a public space—that could be in a park, on the street or in a subway car. For example, couple of dozen women dressed in pink, holding dolls wrapped in red-stained blankets. We believe that these forms of actions are effective in evoking emotion and showing the real costs of wars for #IWDEndWar. 

  • Peace march/ rally:
    • Needs: a group of like-minded peacemakers, a consensus on #IWDLiberateWomenEverywhere messaging, outreach, social media exposure, visible location, engaging signs, and cameras!
    • Organize a solidarity march and carry a banner with one of our suggested slogans like "Ceasefire NOW!" or "Reproductive Justice in Gaza/Palestine and All Communities Worldwide"
    • Rally outside a Federal Building, or other symbol of imperialism and war, this is meant to attract and arouse public awareness and action. Don’t forget a banner and a camera!
    • We believe that our street actions have an impact on our communities. It's about educating people. It's about making an alternative version of reality visible on the streets and on the news. We're angry about what's going on; we're standing up for our beliefs and principles, and we're strengthening our movement and ourselves by working together. And often we're also having a great time.
  • Civil Disobedience
    • Needs: nonviolent act of breaking the law to call attention to a particular law or set of laws that some people think are immoral or questionable- in this case the costs of war on women in Gaza/Palestine, as well as on women here in our communities (camping out in front of a politicians house to ask for end of war, "sit-ins", pro-peace messages at press conferences, etc.), must have clear #IWDLiberateWomenEverywhere message and be in a visible space. 

  • Educational Event 
    • Needs: activists and local peacemakers, a friendly space (someone's home, a park, a community center, etc.), outline and practical details of what you would like to get educated on for IWD, reading or viewing material (see here for ideas on Palestine-related material), invite a local activist who is knowledgeable on the topic, wrap up discussion/questions, and a promise for folks to go home and stay involved (meet with a member of congress, pass out flyers at a farmers market, to host another education event etc.).

  • Disruption of hearing or debate 
    • Needs: date, location, and time of hearing/debate, clear #IWD messaging (banner, sign, poster), plan something short and meaningful to say, let CODEPINK know beforehand so we can cover the disruption, consider live streaming if you are occupying or holding a longer event, upload photos/videos to social media (try to get powerful institutions or figures in photo), and consider a follow-up video explaining why you did the disruption, why it matters, and how people can engage themselves further.