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Banner Making



Here is a simple guide to making a banner that you can use to freeway banner, do a banner drop, or carry to a rally! You may also be interested to download and read the excellent creative visuals toolkit from the Ruckus Society. (Adapted from “Making the Banner” by Sarah Rath)


  • canvas: 3 x 12 feet
  • bleach (optional)
  • rit dye, magenta (one pkg)
  • masking or scotch tape
  • exacto knife
  • 1-1/2 rolls removable clear shelf liner paper
  • Ruffle (optional)
  • grommet kit* (optional)
  • 14” cable ties (need two for each grommet)
  • small pair of scissors for removing ties (small scissors are less threatening to the police.)


  1. Cut the canvas (or other fabric) to 3 x 12 feet (4 yards of 6 ft fabric makes two banners). Tearing works better than cutting.
  2. Bleach, wash and then dye the canvas. Don't leave the fabric in the bath in too long. Dark pink is harder to read.
  3. Paint the sign, using stencils if desired.
  4. Once dry, remove the stencil and apply ruffle (optional).
  5. Attach the grommets (optional).

As soon as you arrive at your banner-hanging location, take photos for posting on the CODEPINK national website, your Facebook wall, twitter and elsewhere!

Depending upon the location you choose, you may not need the grommets. When the police come by, they will most likely instruct you on the law (no attaching banners). Explain that you just wanted to make sure the banner didn't fall onto the freeway. Engage them in a conversation if possible.

What you are doing is supported by both Federal and State law. Be respectful, but unafraid. We pay the police to protect us. We are patriotic Americans giving up our free time to exercise our First Amendment rights and defend the Constitution.

If the police order you to remove the attachments you must do so. The law says you are allowed to hold the banner with your hands. If they decide your banner is a traffic hazard, you will have to remove it. Try to negotiate. Ask if it would be OK to stay a few minutes longer, and then do as they say. This way you maintain good relations and they might even look the other way the next time they see you.