It’s Time for Action to #divestfromwar


Thank you for taking the pledge to Divest from the War Machine! Now it’s time to take action!

Have you made a plan to move your money and personal investments? To act on your pledge to #divestfromwar, move your money to an ethical bank or look at a community credit union. You can also look at weapons-free funds found here. We know that moving investments and re-shaping your portfolio takes time, so please let us know if you need assistance with resources to make this transition. We always want to hear from you, so bring your questions, challenges, and victories! Drop us a line at and let us know if we can help (or celebrate with you!).

Now that you have made the personal pledge to divest, it’s time to get organized to urge your University or Alma Mater, your church, city, county, state, pension plan, bank or a foundation to divest. We need your help to throw a wrench in the war machine, so let’s get to work...

Join us as we host a Week of Action to #divestfromwar from February 5th to 11th! Be a part of one of the groups around the country holding fun and creative actions to highlight how deeply embedded the war machine is in every aspect of our society. Do you have friends connected to your school, church or a friend who can go to city hall with you? Can we help you build one by connecting you with others near you? Email us at, and we can link you up with other supporters in your area!

Learn more and read about the variety of actions you can plan here. Invite your friends and community members over for a meeting to pick which institution you want to research and pressure them to divest! Or host a party where you all write letters demanding that your City Council Stop Making a Killing on Killing with city funds in the war machine. Or print a petition opposing military recruitment in your town and gather signatures outside a local grocery store. The options are fun and varied, so we’ll help you find what fits you.

Email us at for help planning your event, or for any support you may need! We are here to help.

In peace and solidarity,
Haley, Sarah, and the entire CODEPINK Team

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