It’s Peace Without Trump


We are deeply saddened that Donald Trump has cancelled the planned summit with North Korea. The people of Korea, however, are determined to make peace. So are we, the American people and the people of the world. We cannot allow the Trump Administration, especially his belligerent National Security Advisor John Bolton, to derail the peace process and put the Korean Peninsula and surrounding region back on a dangerous path to war.

Inspired by the Vietnam-era People’s Peace Treaty, concerned U.S. peace groups have initiated a historic People’s Peace Treaty with North Korea. Please sign this People’s Peace Treaty. Pass it around to your friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Share it on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s show Trump, Bolton, and Secretary of State Pompeo that the people of the world demand peace. 

CODEPINK is part of an international women’s peace delegation that is in South Korea right now. Before this announcement about the cancelled talks, we were hearing about the wonderful hopes and dreams that Korean women have been nurturing for the first time in 70 years, that they might live without the fear of war. The Koreans, especially the women, are determined to move forward making peace and backing the tremendous diplomatic efforts of their leader, President Moon. We must support them.

Sign this historic People's Peace Treaty here and get at least 10 friends to sign on. The five people who get the most signatures will all get special gifts from South Korea, where we are working with our allies to stop war on the Korean Peninsula. Top signature gatherers will be tracked on this leaderboard.

Holding hands and creating peace together,
Medea Benjamin and the entire CODEPINK Team



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    Sign the People’s Peace Treaty with North Korea and then get your friends to sign as well. via @codepink