Internal Work

We recognize that in order to transform the world we live in, we need to transform ourselves and the spaces we are part of. That is why we are committed to working internally to transform the ways we relate with each other at work and outside. We are working to:

  • Build a space and culture where our processes of coming to agreements are flexible and responsive to the internal and external needs of the movement and organization.

  • Guide actions through collective commitment and belief in the vision and goals (rather than coercion and rules) of ending war, militarism and violence; of supporting the communities we serve (the shoulders we stand on); and of honoring the role of the organization(s)/team(s) we are part of.

  • Build a culture where the team feels supported, nurtured, inspired and uplifted by belonging to an equitable and participatory work/living space rather than by rules/benefits/etc.

  • Create clear processes for collective agreements that ensure that everyone’s perspective, voice, and need is heard, communicated, and included.

  • Build avenues and create spaces for working through disagreements, voicing concerns, and transforming for peace and justice.

  • Build avenues and rooms for each of us to feel committed and dedicated to our goals.

  • Team vs. silos. Create spaces and the time to communicate more among each others so that we are more inclusive, supportive and coordinated. Create spaces where love, relationships and connection happens- get to know each other well.

  • Build each other up, rather than shame (encourage being vulnerable in a place where we will be supported), including people from outside the organization. Expressing differences in a supportive way that can lead to inclusion.

  • Care for one another and self-care.

  • Challenge the status quo of institutions, non-profit structures, capitalist thinking, relationships, working models.

  • Decolonize our minds and our hearts  --  actions show the values we have and proposing solutions and practices  --- be it and create the paths forward.

  • Transmit our vision externally through internal work.

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  • Michael Addison
    commented 2018-03-29 13:41:07 -0400
    I’m in Eastern Washington State around Spokane and need to connect. I’m much to contribute but can’t do much by myself; while I continue to write isolation isn’t healthy. I come from wealth and have been recently shunned by all past associations for being committed to egalitarian values. I never thought people could be so horrible; they eat their own. I’m trying to find an apartment or buy a house in Eastern Washington but fear I may have been blacklisted… most apartment agencies use software in which they share comments on past tenants and it only takes a few spiteful people to tarnish a person’s record for political reasons to make getting future rentals difficult. I’m a white male with money… no laws protect my rights should renters choose to deny me refuge, ironically. Social networks run deep and one way to maintain control is to make examples of those who buck the system. It’s a strange thing to interact with people who seem to presume to know a great deal about you who you’ve never met, but that’s what happens when someone on the margins is singled out by a group networked on social media. In any case I could really use some help… I expect I’ll eventually find a permanent residence but it’d be great to have a place to stay in the meantime. This group talks about being supportive… well here’s your chance. Right now I’m forced to pay $60-85 a night to stay in hotels while I seek permanent accommodations… I’d be glad to pay that money to people who’d put it to work for positive social change. You’ve no reason to trust a stranger over the internet, but how do we build trust if we don’t interact? One must be willing to extend fellowship to the stranger if ever to become friends.


    Michael Duane Addison
    248-704-9609 (won’t get calls on account of no reception, out of state carrier)