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Gaza Summer School!

This summer, we’re turning up the heat to demand an end to the genocide in Gaza and to Free Palestine! It's time to educate, agitate, and mobilize our communities like never before. Inspired by the courageous campus encampments that have swept across colleges nationwide, CODEPINK is thrilled to announce the Gaza Summer School!

Join us for a transformative, summer-long online education series that will empower you to become a powerful advocate for Palestine. Through bi-weekly classes, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge and vital skills to make a real impact. Led by dynamic leaders, each session kicks off with a 30-minute deep dive into the history and current realities of Palestine, followed by a dynamic 30-minute skills training to arm you with the tools to drive change in your community.

After every class, you’ll receive a set of materials and resources to amplify your demands for a Free Palestine this summer. Educate your community, agitate those in power, and organize bold actions alongside fellow passionate advocates from coast to coast as part of CODEPINK’s Summer of Love for Gaza.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of something bigger. Together, we can make waves and create lasting change. Sign up now and let’s make this summer unforgettable!


Monday June 3 @8PM ET - OUT OF SESSION: Disrupting Congress at Home

Monday June 17 @8PM ET - Building Resistance By Cultivating Community

Monday July 1 @8PM ET Decolonizing Environmentalism

Monday July 22 @8PM ET Gaza, Freedom Flotillas, & Peacemaking

Monday August 5 @8PM ET Art and Resistance in Palestine

Monday August 26 @8PM ET Palestine, Repression, & Looking Ahead 


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Mon, Jul 22:
Mon, Aug 05:
Mon, Aug 26:






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