Inspiration & Messages of Commitment for Chelsea Manning


The day has finally come: Chelsea Manning is being released! Since May 2010 Chelsea has been in prison for exposing the costs and inhumanity of war.  She risked everything to do what she felt was right.  Share your inspiration and commitment with Chelsea below. We will make sure she receives it.  At these moments of victory, it is important to let the inspiration refuel our own commitments. 

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You and Edward Snowden deserve and must be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

You and Edward Snowden bothdeserve and must be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. You are a voice of reason, sanity and humanity for many of us and for those who have no voice. Please stay strong and feel the support of tens of millions of people around the world EVERY DAY.

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Spirtitual leader Maitreya RAEL announced about Chelsea

" #RAELCOMMENT : "great news ! She should, as well as Snowden, be awarded the Nobel peace prize that they deserve..."

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Thank you for your sacrifice. I'm deliriously happy you are free!

Thanks and Congratulations. I am so glad that you will finally be able to be closer to the people who care about you. I and many others have been thinking of you, and yes, praying for your release.

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Hey you, congratulations on being released! I remember what it was like finally being released from prison for a "crime" I didn't commit almost thirty years ago (three and half years actual time of a six year sentence in California), and I've been praying for this day for you. It is quite clear that you were imprisoned for far too long, but thank God that it wasn't longer! "Odrona" may have done few things right, and perpetrated mostly evil, which he did, but he definitely did the right thing commuting your sentence. Thank God that he recognized that your sentence was absurd! Anyway, I wish you all of nothing but the very best, and pray that your re-acclimation to society is more than successful, and that you are able to be a great benefit to the world.

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Thank you so much for the leaks. Love the new look.

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Thank you from Canada!

Thank you Chelsea, you are an inspiration to all social justice warriors, truth-seekers and tellers. You stood up to the "war machine" and did not lose your integrity. You pointed out many of the horrors of the US Empire and exposed truths that otherwise would have been hidden forever from public view. War is far too important to be left to the generals or the government! it just shouldn't be! Thank you muchly. Michael Jaeger, Ontario Canada

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A Global Hero: Chelsea Manning

What you did moved me to tears....the pain and suffering of those caught up in the illegal actions in Iraq. What you did, sharing this with WikiLeaks was the right thing to do. What the government did to you, UNJUST. But now you are free to live your life as you chose. Be well. Bon courage.

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Thank you for your courage.

Occupy Denver held a small rally to tell everyone how you sacrificed to tell us the truth. You are a true hero to us. We appreciate your courage and wish you a happy life.

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Welcome home!!

Thank you, Chelsea, for showing what courage looks like -- for exposing the costs and inhumanity of war and for revealing your true self. Stay strong and remain true to yourself!

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Chelsea, congratulations on your freedom. Finally. Your bravery on every front helps every single one of us.

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Thank you!

You have been so brave, and I hope you find comfort and healing from this point forward. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.

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Thank you

Thank you for taking a huge risk to your own life and safety and standing up for what you felt was right. Many in your position would have made a different decision but I believe lives were made better because of what you did. Thank you for inspiring our communities. I look forward to telling my children and grandchildren stories about these times and the people like you who courageously made a difference in very turbulent times

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You did it, girl! Strength, perseverance, and the TRUTH won in the end. You are a role model AND a hero; I hope the rest of your life is filled with health & happiness.

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Congrats Chelsea

Thanks for your courage and sacrifice Chelsea Cograts. May all your dreams come true

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