Inspiration & Messages of Commitment for Chelsea Manning


The day has finally come: Chelsea Manning is being released! Since May 2010 Chelsea has been in prison for exposing the costs and inhumanity of war.  She risked everything to do what she felt was right.  Share your inspiration and commitment with Chelsea below. We will make sure she receives it.  At these moments of victory, it is important to let the inspiration refuel our own commitments. 

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Chelsea, thank-you so much for speaking out, not compromising, acting with courage, persevering, and for doing what was right. You deserve your freedom!!!

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Welcome home Chelsea! We are with you on your journey!

Chelsea, This is a special day for you, for all of us who love you and for the United States -- that found in its essence to free you, ultimately, because you told the truth that needed to be heard. Every May 17, for me, will be "Chelsea Manning" day and all that implies -- a day of thoughts and best wishes for you, and a day of deep gratitude for all you have done, through your courage and sacrifice, to protect humanity. Much love and all best wishes to you, each and every day,

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Love and solidarity from Italy

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Thank you from Canada!

Thank you Chelsea, you are an inspiration to all social justice warriors, truth-seekers and tellers. You stood up to the "war machine" and did not lose your integrity. You pointed out many of the horrors of the US Empire and exposed truths that otherwise would have been hidden forever from public view. War is far too important to be left to the generals or the government! it just shouldn't be! Thank you muchly. Michael Jaeger, Ontario Canada

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