Inspiration & Messages of Commitment for Chelsea Manning


The day has finally come: Chelsea Manning is being released! Since May 2010 Chelsea has been in prison for exposing the costs and inhumanity of war.  She risked everything to do what she felt was right.  Share your inspiration and commitment with Chelsea below. We will make sure she receives it.  At these moments of victory, it is important to let the inspiration refuel our own commitments. 

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A Global Hero: Chelsea Manning

What you did moved me to tears....the pain and suffering of those caught up in the illegal actions in Iraq. What you did, sharing this with WikiLeaks was the right thing to do. What the government did to you, UNJUST. But now you are free to live your life as you chose. Be well. Bon courage.

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Dearest Chelsea, you are stronger than you think, wiser than you know, braver than you believe and coming to know this will bring your new life much-deserved peace, joy and love. Countless people worldwide are rooting for you and holding you in their hearts.

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Chelsea, welcome to freedom! A freedom you truly have given your life for.

We are so glad you are finally released from the horrors of your incarceration. Healing from those horrors will take much time and good energy. Please have hope. All can be well again. Thank you forever for your incredible personal sacrifice in telling us the truth about our war on terror. You are one of the greatest women of our time.

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Congrats Chelsea

Thanks for your courage and sacrifice Chelsea Cograts. May all your dreams come true

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Congrats on your release! Hugs!

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I am so glad your long and painful ordeal is over. I hope you are able to heal completely and be better for it. You are strong!

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Chelsea, thank-you so much for speaking out, not compromising, acting with courage, persevering, and for doing what was right. You deserve your freedom!!!

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Congratulations and Infinite Thanks for standing up and speaking the truth. You won!

Dear Chelsea: I watched in horror at what my government did to you for telling the truth. It just corroborates for me that the gangsters who have stolen the reigns of power in this country are pure evil. We must all learn from your courage to stand up and say: No More!!! Not on my watch, not with my tax dollars, and not in my name! Thank you; a million times thank you!

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Courage is not only found on the battlefields of the world, but in the hearts of the courageous..

Thank you for your commitment in the face of tremendous all we need is 1,000 more of you to blow the whistle on this filthy, rotten system...

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Dear Chelsea, Thank God there are people like you in this world.

I am so glad you are finally out. Now I only wish that liars, cheats, and traitors like Bush, Cheney and Bremer were in. Thank you so much for your heroism. It has been truly appreciated. Rob Wheeler

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Feel the Love

This is the day so many of us around the world have been anticipating for so long. Finally, justice. Now relax, nourish yourself well, breathe the fresh air, look at the stars, the blue sky, the trees and plants; maybe cuddle up with an animal or human and feel the love flowing towards you and surrounding you. You're our hero, our inspiration, our pride. Much love and many blessings to you, Chelsea. Onward!

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free at last!

Dear Chelsea, thank you for giving us the information we deserve and for persevering under such difficult prison conditions. sending you gratitude and hugs. So delighted you are "free at last, free at last, thank god, free at last!" xx Medea

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Free at last.

Chelsea, dear, thank you for your actions in exposing the truth. You have a way of doing what is right for you and for our country. A fellow transwoman wishes you well.

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From one beautiful woman to another.......

Chelsea, You touched the lives of all those who campaigned/fought/prayed for you with something honest and truthful, at a huge cost. As a teacher, I refuse to be part of anything that hurts or harms any of the young people in my classroom and I will continue to speak against any prejudice, lies or indoctrination I am asked to teach even though it keeps loosing me jobs! I will pray that you are filled with peace and that you feel the love that surrounds you and that it heals your hurt places. Michelle

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God Bless you and guide you

No one could possibly imagine what you have suffered in your young life. I hope that you will be able to work through all the issues, and reclaim your life, and go on to have the happy life that you deserve. May God bless and guide you.

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So happy for you, and that you now get to live the life you have always wanted! All of us who hoped for this day along with you are still with. Much love, and respect! XXO

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Hip hip hooray!!

I'm so glad you are free!! I was thinking of you this morning as I was driving down the freeway and it was before I knew that you were released!! I hope that you will continue to teach us what we need to learn from your experiences.

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