How can we eliminate the coronavirus & nuclear weapons?

The US spends $35.1 billion on nuclear weapons which can help pay for 35,000 ventilators. Sign the petition to end nuclear weapons:

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The coronavirus has exposed a grossly underfunded healthcare system as being ill-equipped to fight a global pandemic. Meanwhile, non-essential programs such as the maintenance of nuclear weapons remain well-funded.  We are reminded of what true security is; it is healthcare and food. But money continues to be drained from essential needs to war needs.

Support the elimination of all Nuclear Weapons.

In the United States, there is a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) and ventilators. Healthcare workers are showing up to work unaware if they will have the appropriate safety gear while others are washing and reusing protective masks for the next workday. At the country’s epicenter, New York, state elected officials are pleading for roughly thirty thousand ventilators to properly assist the increase of confirmed coronavirus cases. 

The United States and other overly developed countries need to redirect funds from nuclear weapons to healthcare facilities to combat the coronavirus. In 2019, the Trump administration spent $35.1 billion on nuclear weapons — twice as much as the UK and France. As indicated by the International Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), $35.1 billion could cover the cost of 35,000 ventilators, 300,000 ICU beds, and the salaries of thousands of nurses and doctors. Now, just imagine those funds used to purchase PPE’s for the frontline healthcare workers. 

Physicians from around the world explain, “…nuclear weapons are not a virus: we have the solution to get rid of them and we need to act before it’s too late.” Let’s act together! The survivors of the US atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki are appealing to the world to eliminate nuclear weapons. Sign the petition for the elimination of all Nuclear Weapons.

Thank you for taking action! Join us in our upcoming webinars to learn how BlackRock is the largest investor of nuclear weapons with Pitzer College students and Amazon Watch.


For a nuclear-free world!
Carley, Cody, Jodie, Kelsey, Nancy, Paki, and Yousef
CODEPINK Divest from the War Machine Campaign

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