Growing a Local Peace Economy Daily #77


"In our worldview, we are beings who come from the Earth, from the water, and from corn. The Lenca people are ancestral guardians of the rivers, in turn protected by the spirits of young girls, who teach us that giving our lives in various ways for the protection of the rivers is giving ourlives for the well-being of humanity and of this planet… Let us wake up! We’re out of time. WE must shake our conscience free of the rapacious capitalism, racism and patriarchy that will only assure our own self-destruction.  Our Mother Earth – militarized, fenced-in, poisoned, a place where basic rights are systematically violated – demands that we take action." -Berta Cáceres

Daily Practice: A few days ago Honduran indigenous activist Berta Cáceres, was assasinated in her home. In her memory and to honor her fierce spirit, make a change that benefits the earth today. What from the war economy can you let go of; how can you shift that energy to your local community to enrich the earth? 

Take the Peace Pledge today!



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