This week as we prepare to gather with family, friends, loved ones and community, we at CODEPINK have deep gratitude. After years of protesting our government’s complicity in the Saudi-led war on Yemen, we are inspired to see the Houthis rebels announce they will cease their drone and missile attacks in Yemen and are asking the Saudis to do the same. This is a remarkable turning point in what has been a bloody, devastating and tragic episode in the history of our world community. In this dramatic gesture towards peace, the rebels are paying into the potential of new beginnings.

By demanding an end to weapons sales to the Saudis, we will do our part to push for an end to the fighting. We will also show our stand against militarism by redoubling our efforts, energies, resources and faith towards creating our own remarkable turning point by nourishing our Local Peace Economy.

Sign up to grow your local peace economy. I am excited to help you take thoughtful nourishing action in your community.

Here in the US, wars of a different kind rage—fom gun violence to the California climate-induced wildfires to the epidemic of houselessness because of financial mechanisms that feed directly into maintaining the war economy. But we have the power to act locally and turn this chaos into portholes for peace and power.

Globally, militarism can block the main arteries that provide communities with their food, water, goods and services. This also happens here at home, where communities impacted by climate change and other social injustices struggle day to day to survive when resources are choked off. Be the agent that loosens the tourniquet... find these places where war economy is starving your city, your town, your community. Find the activists and engagers of progressive radical change and support them in quenching community hunger and thirst.

Water the seeds of peace. Sign up now to grow your local peace economy.

This could look like a clothing drive for people impacted by the war economy; or offering shelter to someone who is without a home; or getting a bunch of people in the room and matching needs to offers; or going out into the streets with a group of friends and singing to communities that could use some love.

Though this upcoming holiday takes place in the shadow of the endless wars against the indigenous people of this continent, it is our responsibility to find the light in the darkness.

That light holds one simple truth.

Once we decide to use our life’s energy in support of LIFE and organize it to help our communities to thrive, the results are always good.  

When we make this choice, we are always impacting the world in positive ways that we may never know or even anticipate. Together with persistence and faith and holding a vision of peace...we live and breathe and behold the peace we wish to see. Join me in growing your local peace economy.

Kelly Curry and Ann, Ariel, Brienne, Carley, Caroline, Jodie, Katie, Kelly, Kirsten, Lily, Mark, Medea, Nancy, Paki, Ryan, Sarah, Tighe and Ursula

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