Gaza update from Ann Wright...

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

Ann Wright sent this brief update of the status of her, Medea and Tighe departure from Gaza and return to Cairo.
We sadly left Gaza at 5 p.m. this afternoon as the Egyptians were closing the border tonight and if we didn't leave, we had no idea when we might be able to get out.

We had only 48 hours inside Gaza, but we met lots of people and saw horrible scenes of wanton destruction by Israeli Defense Forces.

As we left Gaza, we stopped at Rafah on the Gaza side of the border and wandered around midst the tunnels openings where an incredible amount of goods come through to Gaza from the Egyptian side of the border.  We talked with several tunnel "owners" who said that some tunnels are 60 feet deep and 500 feet long. There have been over 1500 tunnels with 600 bombed.  It takes several months to dig out a tunnel and get it back into use.

We will have more written later, but just wanted to let you know we are fine, but deeply affected by what we saw and the Gaza citizens with whom we spoke.

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